Shower Enclosures

Shore Shower Doors and Glass has decades of experience manufacturing and installing custom shower and tub enclosures. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and service has provided every one of our customers with unparalleled satisfaction.

frameless custom shower enclosure

Custom Quality Backed by Outstanding Service

The design possibilities are endless. Our frameless enclosures are stylish, elegant and versatile, and every enclosure is custom built and ordered to your precise specifications. They feature 3/8” and ½” thick tempered glass in a variety of colors (3/8”) and textures. Our clear glass comes in two options – standard clear, which carries a green hue due to its natural iron content, and crystal clear, which has gone through an added process to remove the iron.

Shower Doors and Tub Enclosures are Custom Designed and Installed to the Style and Finish of Your Choice

  • Custom Frameless Shower and Tub Enclosures
  • Custom and Standard Framed Shower and Tub Enclosures

custom shower enclosures

Our hardware options include a wide variety of standard and designer styles and colors from which to choose. This allows our custom glass to compliment your bathroom décor! Shore Shower Doors and Glass is proud to offer the highest quality materials available to ensure long term, trouble free, and dependable service. And all of our enclosures come with a written guarantee.

With all of these options, it is easier than ever to end up with a truly unique and personal design that is a clear reflection of your imagination!

Our Shower Features Include:

  • Extensive Selection of Choices for Door Handels
  • 3/8” or 1/2” Tempered Safety Glass
  • Your Choice of Design Finishes
  • Frameless Glass Design
  • Customized Mountings for Stationary Glass
  • Custom-Designed Doors
  • Customized for Any Size Opening

Advanced Specialty Glass: Starphire™ Ultra-Clear Glass


See the beauty, not the glass! Starphire™ ultra-clear glass by PPG Industries represents the ultimate in ultra-clear glass technology.

While conventional clear glass becomes progressively greener as specified thicknesses increase, Starphire™ glass remains ultra-clear and allows true colors to shine through—even at thicknesses of up to ¾ inch. Starphire™ low iron glass can have as little as 10% of the iron content of regular glass, allowing it to transmit 91% of light, compared to 83% for regular glass and without the greening effect associated with thicker glass panels.

Its unique blue edge adds a stunning and dramatic visual appeal to all types of customized decorative glass throughout the interior of your home.

When combined with Clarvista™ glass coating for shower and tub enclosures, Starphire™ glass maintains its superior clarity and brilliance for many years, without the dullness that can come from repeated exposure to heat and humidity.

Click here for more information about Starphire™ Ultra-Clear Glass.

Advanced Specialty Glass: Guardian ShowerGuard


Unlike spray-on products, the protection of ShowerGuard never breaks down, never needs to be reapplied. And unlike other so-called permanent shower protection products, ShowerGuard is backed by a robust limited lifetime warranty.

ShowerGuard permanently seals the surface of the glass for lasting beauty with less maintenance. Using patented ion-beam technology, an invisible protective coating is fused to the surface, filling the peaks and valleys that occur naturally in glass and creating a smooth surface highly resilient to the dirt, soap and hard water buildup that dulls and etches ordinary glass.

Click here for more information about Guardian Showerguard.

Shore Shower Doors and Glass is a five-star retailer located in Orange County Florida specializing in the design and installation of custom made shower enclosures. We use the most state-of-the-art glass available, Starphire Ultra Clear Glass TM , manufactured by industry leader PPG Industries.